Rails Upgrade Services

Stay ahead with the latest Rails versions and leverage new features for better performance and security. Our upgrade services are smooth, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

• Rails Version Upgrades

• Ruby Version Upgrades

• Gem Upgrades and Dependencies Resolution


Rails Training & Consultancy

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills to manage and evolve your Rails application. Our training programs are tailored to your needs, ensuring a capable in-house Rails team.

• Custom Training Programs

• Codebase Walkthroughs and Documentation

• Consultancy on Best Practices and Performance Optimization


Rails Rescue & Troubleshooting

Facing critical issues or inherited a problematic Rails application? Our rescue team dives deep to fix pressing issues and stabilize your app for a smoother journey ahead.

• Performance Bottleneck Resolution

• Bug Fixes and Error Handling

• Crisis Management and Recovery


Maintenence & Operations

Keep your Rails application in prime condition with our meticulous maintenance service. From routine updates to performance optimization, we ensure your app remains robust, secure, and agile.

• Regular Updates and Patching

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

• Security Audits and Enhancements

• Database Tuning and Scalability Improvements


Development & Enhancement

Elevate your app’s value with new features and enhancements that resonate with your users' evolving needs. Our expert Rails developers translate your ideas into seamless functionalities.

• Custom Feature Development

• UI/UX Enhancements

• API Integrations and Extensions

• Code Refactoring and Optimization


Community Engagement

We believe in giving back to the Rails community. Our engagement in open source projects and community events reflects our commitment to the continuous growth of Ruby on Rails ecosystem.

• Open Source Project Contributions

• Rails Community Events and Meetups

• Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration


Code Audits & Quality Assurance

Ensure your codebase is clean, efficient, and bug-free. Our thorough code audits identify potential issues and our QA services ensure every release is polished to perfection.

• Code Review and Refactoring

• Test Suite Improvements

• Automated Testing and Continuous Integration


Application Modernization

Future-proof your Rails application by embracing modern development practices and technologies. We help you transition smoothly while retaining the essence of your app.

• Cloud Migration and Hosting Solutions

• Containerization and Orchestration

• DevOps and Continuous Deployment