Fractional Support and Technical Leadership for Ruby on Rails Apps

Lurking chores making you nervous to open your app? Our experts do Ruby on Rails maintenance, projects, and management so your app can thrive, while you get your time back.
Managing a Ruby on Rails app without dedicated technical support is stressful. You either operate in the dark, never quite sure how your app is running or you live on your freelancer's terms, constantly weighing the fear of code-napping against your underserviced wishlist.

Since 2007, we have been stewarding Rails apps. Code stewardship involves all of the hands on development of traditional consultancy with an added layer of thought leadership, and technical expertise that transcends the role of developer. Our stewardship partners sleep well at night, knowing their code is cared for.
A technology partner that cares about your application’s operations and maintenance.
Stewardship isn't just about handling critical security vulnerabilities and one-off feature requests. With a team of developers at your disposal, you'll have someone to direct your customers’ technical questions to, someone to help with regular audits, and a team ready to build your next big enhancement without months-long vendor approval processes and the costly process of getting new developers up to speed, only to lose them at the end of feature development.
2022 winner of Philadelphia 100 forum
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Caring for large and small organizations for over 20 years.

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“Teaming up with the expert developers at Neomind for just a few hours a week allowed us to take our app to the next level.”
David Shuck
“Neomind came to us when they knew the website needed an update—they didn’t wait until the software became obsolete or the site crashed.”
Douglas Cannon
SES Advisors
“I never feel like a tiny software request is not worth their time. They never say never, and they always find a way to make it work.”
Meghan Still
Beveridge Seay
“Neomind contributed expert developers to our team who were well-versed in best practices and able to increase our velocity right away.”
David Berlinger