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A technology partner that takes care of your application’s operations and maintenance.

Stewardship isn't just about handling critical security vulnerabilities and one-off feature requests. With a team of developers at your disposal, you'll have someone to direct your customers’ technical questions to, someone to help with regular audits, and a team ready to build your next big enhancement without months-long vendor approval processes and the costly process of getting new developers up to speed, only to lose them at the end of feature development.

Do you need to know something about your users that nobody anticipated? We can build reports from log data or information in the database. Or, if it becomes a regular occurrence, give you an interface to build the reports yourself.

Many applications have a laundry-list or small changes and work-around that build up over time. With us as your partners, you can get those changes done as they come up, and stop wasting everyone's time fighting with your tools.


Code Health Audit

A standard part of our on boarding process. Don't hide from employee turnover, embrace it as an opportunity to improve processes and documentation.

Remote Development

All Neomind employees and contractors are located in the continental United States, and available for in-person meetings as necessary but we practice remote development at scale.

Candidate Evaluation

When it's time to scale your internal team, let us help. With decades of experience interviewing and hiring software developers, we’ll work with you to identify the best additions to your team.


Bits don't rot, but the software landscape is constantly in flux. Whether it's changing regulations about cookie notices, or a critical piece of infrastructure reaching end-of-life, we can take care of it.

Security Fixes

When’s the last time you upgraded your dependencies? New vulnerabilities are found every day, with a handful of critical vulnerabilities affecting the average app every year.

Bug Resolution

Did requirements change? Was this ever working? Don't change your process to fit the broken tool, fix it! Good software should disappear into the background of your day, not derail it.

Server Migration

Servers should be interchangeable and with a solid process and documentation, any competent professional should be able to execute your next migration.

Code Refactoring

It takes a good developer to write complicated code, but translating it to something almost anyone can understand is a special skill set that not every developer is interested in cultivating.

Database Scaling

Your database is the biggest bottleneck your application will hit. We’ll help you get the most out of a single database and identify the time to add complexity, and help you execute the changes needed to scale your application.


It's that time again! Did you keep good notes last year? Is this your first audit? Let us help manage the process and gather what's needed to pass with flying colors.

Sales Engineer Consultation

Do your customers have technical questions about your application? We'll work with your sales team and stakeholders to get the answers.

Privacy Policy Review

The changing landscape of privacy policies is causing people to ask questions. Without a developer on hand, it's impossible to answer these questions with certainty.

Breach Risk

If hackers made a copy of your data today, what would they have? How would you react? Who do you need to notify? Do you have the information you need to decide if you have the correct insurance?

Contingency Planning

if your developer moves to Australia to surf more, and stops answering the phone (true story) who will transfer your vision? We can partner with you to develop a more responsive development team.

Caring for large and small organizations for over 18+ years.

Neomind came to us when they knew the website needed an update—they didn’t wait until the software became obsolete or the site crashed.

Douglas Cannon

I never feel like a tiny software request is not worth their time. They never say never, and they always find a way to make it work.

Meghan Still, Beveridge Seay

Teaming up with the expert developers at Neomind for just a few hours a week allowed us to take our app to the next level.

David Shuck, Hearby

Neomind contributed expert developers to our team who were well-versed in best practices and able to increase our velocity right away.

David Berlinger, Medivo

Neomind helped us create a complex custom software system that powered many of our marketing functions for several years. What I appreciated most about working with their team wasn’t just that they completed the project efficiently and within budget, but that they really thought through our initial specifications and came back with several ideas about how to make it even better.

Eric Shannon, Oh My Dog Supply

18+ Years of Partnerships

Neomind Application
Confidence Platform

We created our own product to track the health
and reliability of your software application.

It makes everyone’s job easier.

Tracking metrics that matter.

Unresolved Exceptions

Unresolved exceptions might represent bugs in your application, or a new exploit in the wild for which hackers are probing your application. We believe that. By never getting into the habit of ignoring alarms, it is possible to avoid catastrophic problems.

Longest Open Stories

Some of the drivers of cost in software development are rework and scope creep. By crossing things off quickly, we can help you reduce the cost of each feature developed, and help you make informed decisions about the cost/benefit of enhancements to your system.

Available Stories

A healthy backlog should slowly grow over time as features of lower importance are ignored in favor of more valuable things. If your backlog is empty, it implies you've been working on low priority items.

Master Test Status

A passing test suite is the first line of defense against bugs visible to users. By keeping a close eye on the test suite, and never being far from “green”, we also reduce the cost of changes to the code by having an immediate understanding of what's going on inside the codebase.

Open Pull Requests

Too many open stories = splitting the team and stakeholders attention too many ways wasting time talking about the same things every week.

Dependency Issues

Our automated tools detect known vulnerabilities in your applications dependencies so we can fix them for you quickly and easily.

Code Complexity

Code that is objectively complex is harder to reason about and harder to support. By staying vigilant against complexity, we keep it easy to add developers to your project, whether we’re scaling our team to build your next feature, or helping you build hire your own in-house developers.

Security Issues

Hackers gon’ steal your information if there are open vulnerabiities. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen by automaticly identifiying any security vulnerabilties and addressing them.

Hours Billed

Keeping an eye on budget is important for a transparent and accountable working relationship.

Ruby & Rails Versions

Lets us know when there are optimizations or security patches available. Keep an eye on end of life.

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