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Software stewardship
for business applications.

Neomind Labs develops trusted, long-term relationships that result in stable, innovative software applications. Let's work together.
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A 2018 Philadelphia100
Fastest Growing Company.

The Philadelphia100® is the hallmark of entrepreneurial achievement in the region. Cofounded by the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia to celebrate the success of both its CEO members and local CEOs, the Philadelphia100® awards identifies and honors the 100 fastest growing, privately-held entrepreneurial companies in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Specializing in long-term software stewardship
for Ruby on Rails applications.

Neomind Labs is a software development firm that customizes and develops software applications, using Ruby on Rails. We implement and support applications while taking responsibility for the codebase.

Our stewardship proactively manages upgrades, patches, and transitions. We act as an internal development resource for clients who don’t have a full-time development team, or who need to augment existing staff.

Software stewardship through ownership.

Persistent Technical Stability That Scales

Long-Term Partnerships
Our average client relationship is 3-years while others are over 10 years old. We value the long-term nature of our client relationships.
Strategic Peers
We recognize how crucial the software is to the way the business operates and succeeds, so we work as strategic partners with the decision makers and doers.
Your Technology Advocate
We’re a resource for customers when they need strategic decision making for their software application. Upgrades, fixes, and identifying the best approach to meet customer needs.
You Don't Have to be a Tech Expert.
We provide a development process that doesn’t require clients to become experts at managing software teams. Our stewardship and transparency provide efficiencies in the development process and reduce the total cost of ownership.
Transparent Billing
Guided by the values of the Open Source Community, we value transparency. We communicate our deliverables, associated timelines and billings so clients are aware at all times where we are in the project scope.
Scaling Up and Down
Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Other times, there are never enough hands to make light work. Whether you're ready to conquer your next bottleneck or put feature development on hold, we can help.

Software stewardship means taking responsibility for the health of your codebase

Neomind becomes a partner to the product’s owners and an advocate for the software. It means thinking ahead about what the product will need in the future.

A good steward handles hosting relationships, security patches and all API-compatible upgrades before they’re strictly necessary. A good steward knows when critical software will reach its end of life and is able to plan a smooth transition to more modern, supported platforms. A good steward is familiar with the codebase and is able to answer questions, make additions, corrections, and other changes to the codebase quickly with confidence.
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Trusted software stewardship

Caring for technology enabled partners large and small for over 15-years.

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meghan still bevseay
“I really like that Neomind Labs has this attitude of making anything happen. They have a willingness to do the work, even for small jobs. I never feel like a tiny software request is not worth their time. They never say never, and they always find a way to make it work.”
Meghan Still
doug cannon ses advisors
“The website Neomind Labs built for us is used by a lot of our clients, so it would hurt if the site went down. Neomind came to us when they knew the website needed an update—they didn’t wait until the software became obsolete or the site crashed. And when we discussed site improvements, Neomind was open about how and what they were doing.”
Douglas Cannon
SES Advisors
David Shuck Hearby
"We were an out of the basement startup with lofty ambitions but limited coding experience. Teaming up with the expert developers at Neomind for just a few hours a week allowed us to take our app to the next level. Whether it was integrating with external APIs such as Google Maps Geolocation, enhancing our test driven development skills, or fixing bottlenecks to speed up our load times, Neomind provided immediate solutions that we couldn't find anywhere else."
David Shuck
David Berlinger
"We needed to ramp up our feature development, but didn't have time to recruit new developers and bring them up to speed. Neomind contributed expert developers to our team who were well-versed in best practices and able to increase our velocity right away. They fit into our existing process and found opportunities to improve our code quality and development process as they worked."
Daniel Berlinger
Software vulnerabilities wait for no one.

An infrequent newsletter on software stewardship.

Let's build sustainable software together.


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