Focusing on long-term maintenance
and operational support.

Neomind Labs is a software development firm that customizes and develops software applications, using Ruby on Rails. We implement and support applications while taking responsibility for the codebase.

Our stewardship proactively manages upgrades, patches, and transitions. We act as an internal development resource for clients who don’t have a full-time development team, or who need to augment existing staff.
Ryan Findley, Principal
Philadelphia, PA
The founder of Neomind Labs, a professional software developer of over 20 years, a husband, and a father. Ryan has been building and integrating custom software solutions since the early 90s. With what little spare time he has, Ryan enjoys outdoor activities and video gaming with family, and likes his cheesesteaks "American without."
Haley Mesander
Denver, CO
The most cerebral developers with a background in neuroscience and a master's degree in biomedical science. When she isn't coding, her other passions include photography, gardening, and spending time with her family in beautiful Boulder, CO.
Erhan Berber
Nashville, TN
Erhan has been developing software solutions for over 15 years starting with ASP. Erhan splits his time between being a software developer and being a father to his four children. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching his son's basketball team, spending time with his family, and enjoying the local restaurants around Nashville, Tennessee.
JP Lynch
Louisville, KY
JP has a diverse background on high profile systems including having held an officer position in the US Army. Besides his back-end development skills, JP also has enormous expertise in user-Interface development using RoR and JS combinations. JP lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He enjoys watching horse races and going on hikes on trails around Kentucky.
Jordan Owens
Cleveland, OH
Jordan approaches design and development challenges with a desire to produce lasting and robust solutions. He leverages his 16 years of software engineering experience in industries ranging from e-commerce to aerospace to develop custom applications for clients. In his spare time, Jordan can be found hiking in one of Cleveland's parks or searching for great finds at the local flea market with his wife.