Focusing on long-term maintenance
and operational support.

Neomind Labs is a software development firm that customizes and develops software applications, using Ruby on Rails. We implement and support applications while taking responsibility for the codebase.

Our stewardship proactively manages upgrades, patches, and transitions. We act as an internal development resource for clients who don’t have a full-time development team, or who need to augment existing staff.
Ryan Findley, Principal
Philadelphia, PA
The founder of Neomind Labs, a professional software developer of over 20 years, a husband, and a father. Ryan has been building and integrating custom software solutions since the early 90s. With what little spare time he has, Ryan enjoys outdoor activities and video gaming with family, and likes his cheesesteaks "American without."
Erhan Berber
Nashville, TN
Erhan has been developing software solutions for over 15 years starting with ASP. Erhan splits his time between being a software developer and being a father to his four children. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching his son's basketball team, spending time with his family, and enjoying the local restaurants around Nashville, Tennessee.
Jordan Owens
Cleveland, OH
Jordan approaches design and development challenges with a desire to produce lasting and robust solutions. He leverages his 16 years of software engineering experience in industries ranging from e-commerce to aerospace to develop custom applications for clients. In his spare time, Jordan can be found hiking in one of Cleveland's parks or searching for great finds at the local flea market with his wife.
Christopher Allbritton
Powhatan, VA
Christopher comes to us from a previous career in the construction of sustainable energy. Christopher worked on teams all over the world building solar and wind installations.
Patrick Findley
Philadelphia, PA
Resisting the pleas of his rabid fanbase, vocalist and guitarist Pat Findley did a career flip from music to the wild world of coding in 2020. His specialty is front-end development (JavaScript, CSS, and UI best practices). He believes in the importance of good design: even the best app idea will die if people don’t know which button to click. In his spare time, he is self-treating his thalassophobia by learning to surf.
Greg Matthew Crossley
Toronto, ON, Canada
A back-end jack of all trades with 20+ years of developing custom software, Greg relishes the opportunity to help clients polish their products. Hailing from Saint John Canada, Greg shifted from his degree in Electrical Engineering & Micro-Electronics to Software Development and hasn’t looked back since. When he’s not spending time with family he enjoys road biking, skiing, kiteboarding, and squeezing in some light deep space galaxy exploration game time.
Jon Conley
Louisville, CO
After studying Physics and working in the field Jon discovered a passion for software development. After 13 years of developing professionally he enjoys opportunities to teach and mentor within Neomind as well as focusing on maintainability, and code quality in clients' codebases. When he's not in front of his computer Jon can be found maintaining his 1969 VW Baha, or enjoying all of the nature Louisville has to offer.
Emily Jursek
Newark, OH
Emily's background in finance and business administration is a key component of our ability to bring transparency to the work that we do. Emily will be keeping tabs on our hours, the budget, and regularly communicating about our status.