Technology Archeologists

Neomind Labs does not require onboarding or handoff from your developers to contribute to your codebase in a meaningful way. We have an extensive history of successfully onboarding ourselves:

  • Broke into a server once when the developer moved to Australia to surf and stopped answering calls/emails.
  • Recovered applications without any handoff.
  • Virtualized or upgraded legacy systems so recovery would not only be possible, but manageable.
  • Built a specialized development environment with the fastest disks and CPU performance just for setting up legacy environments that can run any version of Rails fast to get an old app up and running.
  • We've built/supported/upgraded every version of Rails since 1.0. We're familiar with all the things that have changed, and all the bad ideas people used to have (and how to fix them).
  • You have a developer, but the project has become a ball and chain and not their primary job.
  • Downloaded similar code from numerous servers and put it into a VCS (for the first time) to figure out the differences and package different versions with different features.

Do you find yourself in this situation? The idea of trying to fix your application after an outage keep you up at night? We can help!