Cleaning up other people’s messes is a growth industry

March 11, 2020
Ryan Findley, Principal
Philadelphia, PA

What do Urban Renewal, The Billion Oyster Project, reforestation, brownfield construction site redevelopment, and software maintenance have in common?

They’re all about finding a way to make less waste, live within our means, and do more with less. To ensure our investments generate more benefits than costs, so that we can build upon them rather than running from our messes and starting over (and over) again.

Whether it’s because things that were out of style are back in style, or because a non-renewable resource has become uncomfortably scarce, or because of our new ability to truly understand complex systems is pointing the way to better/simpler solutions, people are increasingly choosing not to start from a blank slate, but to start from something good (or, in some cases, something just okay, or even bad) and make it into something great.

It’s not only about leaving things better than you found them, but about trying hard to never hide things “off the balance sheet”, so you can be certain you’re also leaving the world better.

In a word, it’s about stewardship.

Our work supporting businesses that have invested in software is how we can lift the world up to the next step: freeing time and energy to work on the next iteration, not a recreation of the last one. That’s what Neomind specializes in, and we’d love to talk to you about it.

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