A home for wayward software applications.

May 28, 2020
Ryan Findley, Principal
Philadelphia, PA

As stewards of custom software, Neomind focuses our efforts on maintaining and improving software applications that are “done”.

Software gets a lot of attention while being actively developed. While each week of developer time is creating new value for end-users, it makes sense to the developers and to management to keep spending time that way. At some point, returns start to diminish, and it no longer makes sense to have a team dedicated to the development of the application.

Once an application is “done”, keeping things running is no longer a full-time job; it becomes a distraction from the "real work". A necessary evil, done with scraps of time when it can no longer be avoided. Predictably, maintenance may not be done with planning and forethought. The attention to detail, for an asset whose cost is represented with 6 or 7 figures, wanes. Maybe an expired SSL certificate must be fixed the same day after an outage. A third-party integration stops working because nobody noticed the deprecation warning. Or worst of all, a vulnerability that's been known for months was never fixed and exploited by hackers.

“Done” is a natural part of the life-cycle of software. The problem is it still needs regular attention. Stewardship makes a home for “done” applications: embracing the work of maintaining and improving software at scale.

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